Saul Hudson 

Managing Partner 

Saul is a Blockchain communications specialist propelling clients to their fund-raising or
general business goals. A former media executive at one of the world's biggest news organizations, Saul provides strategic advice, project management, content
creation, and forms a communications bridge between the emerging technology sector
and mainstream media and financial industries. 

Saul is on the cutting edge of communications for token sales, transferring his know-how and experience from one campaign to another in Asia, the Americas and EMEA across industries ranging  from databases to insurance to art investment. Saul is also on the board of directors of some of the companies to execute ICOs successfully. 

Saul draws on his experience as a media executive with Reuters, where he managed an annual $80 million budget running operations for 700 journalists across the Americas. He
developed content products for financial services and media customers, and reported
on high-profile assignments around the world.

Saul is also an accomplished public speaker and moderator, after honing his skills as a journalist with regular live TV appearances. From the halls of power to war zones, he has interviewed sitting presidents, CEOs and guerrilla leaders. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, Saul has extensive knowledge of Latin America, its business and political environments and has reported out of more than 30 countries. 

Educated at Cambridge University, UK, Saul is also a former teacher of Latin and ancient

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